Monday, June 18, 2007

Easing into it

Much has happened in the last few weeks. It boggles my wee brain. I graduated, we packed up the whole Oakland-thing in a U-haul, we drove, drove, drove, we arrived in Denver and unpacked, unpacked, unpacked. And today, I went to my first day of orientation at the hospital. We got bad coffee, good bagels, a multitude of binders, books, (long!) white coats, stamps with our names and pager #s on them (!). These last two accoutrements I have coveted since I begand on wards. We don't get the pagers themselves for a couple more days, anyway, which is just fine. I'm on call this weekend, which should be hilarious. Tomorrow, we have to go back at 6:30 am (again, !) for more fol-de-rol.
I'm really just stunned, and obviously not able to come up with much profundity on the topic. Sleep has been dogged by anxiety-hospital-school dreams. I am grinding my teeth for the first time I can recall in my life.
We also have yet to secure anything like quality daycare for Gabriel. I really thought this one awesome, bilingual, montessori would come through, but just found out today that they likely won't have anything till January.
I love our new apartment, however. For the first time in my pseudo-adult life, I moved into a clean apartment. What a difference that makes! Plus lots of windows, light and gorgeous hardwood floors. We can walk to the grocery store and Wild Oats, plus coffee, dry cleaners, restaurants. Oh, and I got a new pair of glasses that I LOVE. I've taken to wearing them daily, which I haven't done since I begged my parents for contacts before I started seventh grade. M says they make me look smart and sexy. Frankly, I've never had it so good!
Which is good to remember, when everything else seems beyond my grasp.