Monday, April 09, 2007

Howdee do?

So, I'm trying again. It's been a wild winter, in some ways. In others, I have seriously gone to seed. I've given up exercise and sunscreen. I do know how to live on the edge, clearly.
I've finished my last rotation of medical school. I graduate in two months and will be a doctor. Frightening and terrible to behold. Of course, the big joke is that I still know diddly caca about life, medicine or anything else of import, but now I shall trade in my short white coat for a long white coat and pretend like I know my ass from my elbow. Filled with confidence in our medical education system? I don't blame you a bit.
I'm moving back home! Well, to Colorado, anyhoo. I matched with a family practice residency in Denver and am looking forward to living so much closer to my family. And not JUST for the free babysitting. I'm sure we'll all drive each other crazy in short order, but it's really time to be, you know, more connected. It's hardly a revelation, but we're getting older all the time, and it just feels right to be with the people you really love in life.
Enough senti-mental babble. The babe is doing great. Walking, running, jumping, climbing, talking (after a fashion) and generally engaged in every possible mess-making scenario the house has to offer. A picture to follow, though he presents a photo challenge these days. I delete half the pics because he's either left the frame by the time the digi-shutter snaps or I have captured nothing but hugely enlarged baby nostrils. Not unlike photographing a dog, frankly.
M is good, too. Excited about the move one moment. Dreading searching for a new job the next. It's a lot to ask of someone you love. Wish us all lots of luck!


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