Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Just got back from a loverly week in CO, looking at daycares, neighborhoods, eating too much ice cream and drinking a wee bit too much red wine with my family. I'm getting excited about moving! The agonies of packing up and the bedlam of unpacking are still far enough away that I can enjoy the idea of change without all the messy reality. Gabriel, as always, had a blast with his grandparents. I think he actually remembered them from the last visit at Christmas. He followed my dad around the yard, helped with "projects" like feeding the birds and putting gravel in a bucket. I came home from lunch with my grandma to find him alternating banging a piece of wood with a ball peen hammer and licking the same hammer. It does make me wonder what goes on in that head.
On the daycare front, I must say it's a leetle less nerve-wracking than last time. At least, I know that the idea of daycare is not wholly untoward. It's the specific ones that you have to watch out for: like the one just down the street from the hospital where I'll be working, where, in the 15 minutes we were there, we witnessed a teacher opening a gate into a little girls face, scolding another for wetting her pants, and the same girl getting bashed in the head with a truck by a little boy who wanted her seat. Umm, no...
We did find a nice montessori daycare, where the kids seemed content, busy and noticeably unviolent. There is a designated Spanish speaker in each classroom, and a diverse kiddo population which, frankly, is rare in CO. It's too expensive, of course, but I think we'll just have to do it.
So, that's my small life. I sent G off to daycare so I can get things done. Hmm, shall I go to the coffee shop first, or take a nap. Life is so full of a number of things....


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